Welcome to Rope Course Adventures, the home of adventure
We have over 20 years experience in the adventure tourism industry with both local South African and international experience. We specialize in rope course, zip line, and adventure park, design, construction and operations. We also provide new inovative ideas and technology to the industry.

We employ the latest European technology in rope course design and safety, and currently are the only company in South Africa using a continuous safety line system in all our designs. The continuous safety line system fulfills the highest European standards, being EN12278, EN795, EN15567 certified as well as meeting the USA, ACCT standards.

As well as the safety line system, we incorporate a specialized rope specifically designed and certified for rope courses, playgrounds, etc. We are currently the only company importing this rope into South Africa.

RCA is also the proud distributer of the POWERFAN® an exciting and relatively low-cost high volume activity. The POWERFAN® is a deceleration device that is attached to a person who jumps off a raised platform anything from a few meters to 10's of meters.